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akaashvaani:Deepika Padukone – Mohe Rang Do La…


Deepika Padukone – Mohe Rang Do Laal. 

Bollywood in Bajirao Mastani.

izzywearingpants: Dancer/Model: Alisha Lee Pho…


Dancer/Model: Alisha Lee

Photographer: Ismael Arrieta




As a few of y’all may know, I’m an aerialist specializing in the Lollipop Lyra. Every year I’m part of a HUGE burlesque & variety show called Geektastic, but I rarely actually perform. I’m usually a stage hand and last year I assisted with the charity raffle, but this year I would like to actually apply for the show and do a Venom act. I’ve been thinking about it for months and now that my life has settled down, I’m able to get back into training and start working out the choreography. Here’s the thing – I have to figure out what song I want to use! I need to get my choreography together soon because I have to submit a video of the finished act to adjudication in the spring, and creating an act that will actually get into the show against MANY other applicants takes time.

So let’s pick a song! I need your help, fellow Venom stans! I need to narrow down a song in the next few days and start the process, so send me your top pics! 4-5 minutes is ideal but I can also work with 3 minutes. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

Performed by: Jade Chynoweth

Performed by: Jade Chynoweth

Number: “Bring It Out”

Choreographers: Dexter Carr and Aliya Janell

Style: Heels

From: Playground LA (2019)



Performed by: Sven Otten

Performed by: Sven Otten

Number: “Delight” 

Style: Solo Jazz

From: Deka Investments Commercial (2015)

ballerinaproject: Oksana Maslova – Fort Tilde…


Oksana Maslova – Fort Tilden Beach, New York City

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Contemporary Ballet.

Performed by: Misty Copeland

Performed by: Misty Copeland

Number: “Retrograde”

Style: Ballet

From: The Arsenio Hall Show (2014)

Performed by: Ruzenka Kunstyrova

Performed by: Ruzenka Kunstyrova

Number: “Dreamer”

Style: Flying Pole

From: “Flying pole act – Ruzenka Kunstyrova” (2017)

Zendaya Coleman; Lyra in The Greatest Showman.

Zendaya Coleman; Lyra in The Greatest Showman.